About Us

Created for business owners, by business owners.

Here at Absorb Employment Law Consultants, we understand the needs of employers, because we were founded by successful business owners who have first hand experience of managing large teams of people.

Don’t be fooled by companies offering free employment law advice. We only use qualified employment lawyers and HR professionals so our clients get the best commercial advice available.  This means that our advice is tailored to your business and its individual needs.  Unlike ACAS, we are not a conciliation service, our primary objective is to look after your interests as the business owner.  Our employment law advice is designed to give you and your business the best support and keep you out of expensive and time-consuming employment tribunals.

Implementing our advice early and as instructed can not only save your business money, it can often save relationships with your employees.  Early adoption of the right legal advice can diffuse difficult situations meaning you can retain staff and avoid costly legal bills.

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Our founders have run successful people-based businesses for over 20 years. They appreciate that people are a company’s biggest asset, but they have both experienced how people issues can quickly escalate if not managed well and controlled with proper process.

They believe ALL employers deserve hassle-free access to HR and employment law advice the moment they need it. That’s how you successfully grow a business and the people within it. That’s why they created Absorb Employment Law Consultants.

We believe in...

Solid Foundations

Regardless of the size of your business, it is vital you have the appropriate Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety provisions in place.

The correct policies, systems, certifications and operating procedures provide your employees with clarity and a framework for what is expected and required of them. This clarity ensures you are well placed to respond to and, if required, defend your business if an issue occurs.

Thinking Business First

Modern management highlights the importance of putting people first in an organisation. We support this view, but when it comes to the law, the priority has to be to protect the interests of the business, its owners and the company first.

When faced with an issue with an employee, its vital that management take a step back and get expert advice on how to handle the matter. Often this measured approach can lead to a more satisfactory resolution for employer and employee alike.

Prevention is better than cure

Spending time and money on legal advice, implementing policies and Health & Safety training can be challenging for a growing business. At Absorb Employment Law Consultants, we believe that this investment pays dividends in the long term.

The impact on your time, resources, financial situation and reputation trying to defend, redress or rectify issues once they’ve occurred can far outweigh any upfront investment.  Prevention is better than cure.

Meet The Team

Mike Naughton | Absorb Employment Law Consultants

Leading the business as Managing Director, Mike has a background in commercial finance and business services. He’s worked with SME businesses throughout his career and has extensive experience across many sectors. In addition to Absorb, Mike co-owns and operates a successful chain of nursery and education centres in the North of England.

Mike Naughton

Managing Director

Gareth Healey | Absorb Employment Law Consultants

As Commercial Director, Gareth is responsible for overall client satisfaction and developing our product offer. Passionate about people-based businesses, for over 18 years Gareth was a partner in one of the UK’s largest independent marketing agencies. He was responsible for 175 staff across 2 locations in an industry that thrives on talent, culture and people development.

Gareth Healey

Commercial Director