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Under UK law, anyone can make a claim to an employment tribunal if they believe they’ve been unlawfully treated by their employer or potential employer.  Our employment law advice line protects employers from costly tribunals and HR headaches.

Protect your business from costly employment tribunal claims by ensuring your people are treated fairly and within the parameters of the latest employment legislation.

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Employment Tribunals are increasing

The latest official figures show that claims to employment tribunals have soared by 90% since the abolition of fees in July 2017.

Employment Tribunals cost money

Dealing with an employment tribunal inevitably costs you and your business money (even if it doesn’t progress to a hearing). Time spent in discussing and preparing for the claim diverts you are your staff away from running and growing your business. The unplanned costs of legal advice and representation can quickly escalate and put unnecessary strain on your finances.

Employment Tribunals can damage reputation

Even the threat of an employment tribunal can be damaging to you, your business and your reputation. Tribunal hearings are generally open to the public, including the media, but even if a claim doesn’t reach that stage, the damage can already have been done.

Key features…

  • Low monthly subscription fees starting from as little as £2.74 per employee per month
  • Dedicated advice line – don’t rely on online searches, speak to a UK legal expert and get bespoke advice about your unique situation.
  • Expert advice 24/7/365
  • Use the service as many times as you need to
  • Manned by up to 70 qualified employment lawyers (not HR advisors or paralegals)
  • No automatic rolling contract renewals
  • Backed by £1 Million indemnity insurance designed to cover legal expenses and any tribunal awards.
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Prevention is better than cure

The best way to avoid a tribunal claim is to avoid disputes arising in the first place. You can reduce the chances of employment issues by implementing the correct documentation and setting out clear policies and procedures in your business.

You can also remove risk by keeping up to date with current employment law and any planned changes in legislation.

This may be time-consuming, but it’s less time-consuming – and less expensive – than appearing before an employment tribunal.

Our employment law advice line removes the hassle of keeping up to date with legislation and provides you with the day to day employment advice you need; protecting your organisation against tribunal claims and improving your reputation as an employer.

All our employment law advice line clients benefit from indemnity insurance cover.

Underwritten by Abbey Legal, the policy provides upto £1Million of indemnity
per annum. The insurance will, if necessary, pay for your legal defence costs
and any awards against you should your business be brought before an
employment tribunal.

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