HR Documentation and Training

Invest in your people.
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Our qualified HR professionals can review your existing documentation or help you create it from scratch. We also provide bespoke training in all aspects of HR and people management.

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HR Documentation

Ensuring your people are provided with bespoke, legally compliant and up to date documentation is one of the best investments you can make.

Accurate and detailed employment contracts and company handbooks, backed by clear policies and procedures, brings clarity to the workplace. Clarity enables your employees to understand exactly what is expected of them, and is a big step to ensuring your business is both well-managed and protected against employment tribunal proceedings.

Our experts can review what you have in place and suggest improvements, or help you draft new documents to suit your business and employees.

HR Documentation & Training | Absorb Employment law consultants
HR Documentation & Training | Absorb Employment law consultants

HR Training

It’s vital for all employers to have a good knowledge of employment legislation. Understanding why you are required to do certain things and how to react in certain situations can help you deal with problems effectively and professionally. It can keep your business out of employment tribunals and help with employee retention.

Our advice line service is a great way of doing this, without the need for costly law firms and, in many cases, a HR function within your business.

However, sometimes our clients grow to a size where there business would benefit from investment in further HR training. Training can be beneficial for both management and employees and we offer a range of training that can be conducted onsite or online.

A selection of our courses include:

• Recruitment & Selection
• Basic Employment Law
• Disciplinary Procedures
• Managing Absenteeism
• Performance Management

We also design bespoke courses dependent on your individual requirements.