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Why we don’t use Evergreen Contracts.

We are experts in HR Employment Law not in contractual or corporate law here at Absorb.  However, as business owners we regularly come across evergreen contracts and find our competitors and other businesses in the professional services sector are increasingly using them.  At Absorb we don’t believe that automatic renewal contracts are fair and in […]

3 key areas of change in HR Employment Law we saw in 2018

Overall 2018 can be described as a year of great upheaval in the UK, politically & socially & also in terms of HR Employment Law. Although it may not seem it, the workplace changed dramatically in the space of 12 months. Some of the changes from the gender pay gap reports & other numerous cases […]

Employer guidance on working temperatures

Employer guidance on working temperatures What a fabulous summer we’ve enjoyed in the UK so far this year! Yesterday recorded the hottest day so far with the mercury hitting 33.3°C  (91.9°F) in Suffolk.  But when is it too hot to work? Whilst the hot weather is enjoyable for many, it has been causing unexpected problems […]

Employment tribunal cases increased by 39% last year

The employment tribunal system is struggling to cope.  In the latest annual report from Acas, figures showed that the number of employment tribunal cases had rocketed in the past 12 months.   Since last year’s Supreme Court ruling abolished claimant fees, the number of tribunal cases has increased by a whopping 39% according to the […]

Employment Tribunals – 9 ways you and your business can avoid them.

Employment tribunals are on the increase and are a real threat to UK business owners.  Tribunals are always time-consuming for employers and they can be extremely costly.   If you employ people you are always at risk from employment tribunals.  You can’t eliminate this risk, but you can minimise it. Here’s our 9 top tips […]

6 employment law changes this April

EACH APRIL, THE GOVERNMENT RELEASES A RAFT OF UPDATES TO VARIOUS EMPLOYMENT LAWS. THIS YEAR THERE ARE 6 IMPORTANT CHANGES THAT MAY AFFECT YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS: Minimum wage rates increased on 1st April. National Living Wage: Workers aged 25 and over (now up to a minimum of £7.83 PH) National Minimum Wage: Workers aged […]

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