Mike Royle BA (Hons) FCA – Director, Grundy, Anderson & Kershaw Chartered Accountants

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“We use Absorb for both employment law and Health & Safety advice. Their costs are very competitive and, unlike some of their bigger competitors, they don’t have pushy salespeople pressuring you to sign up to long-term contracts that can also auto-renew.”

Steve Duffy, Director, Ashgrove Insurance

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“Mike and the team at Absorb provide an excellent service and are great people to work with.  I’ve recommended Absorb to a number of my clients and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to you”.

Andrew Ormischenko,

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“We’re always busy and we need our team to be spending as much time working on vehicles as possible.  Having Absorb on hand for advice makes sure we follow proper procedures and treat our people fairly at all times. Preventing people issues arising is far easier than dealing with problems that have got out of hand.”

Ken Roberts, Director, Windowplas Limited

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“Managing any business is always challenging. Having Absorb on hand to provide expert employment law advice gives me the peace of mind that we always follow correct HR procedures.  Using Absorb means the chances of any legal action being taken against us are minimised”

Elvin Lucas, PROTEC Security Group Limited

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“Working in the security industry means you are very aware of risk.  We use Absorb to ensure that, when we need it, we can access the very best employment law advice in order to prevent small issues becoming big problems.”

Dawn N | Briercliffe & Diggle Education Centres

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“We used 3 other leading HR solutions before engageHR, all of which created more work than they saved. The change-over to engageHR was smooth with clarity and simplicity replacing chaos. I can relax knowing that our employee information is secure, organised and compliant.”